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Terms and Conditions of use of the Online shop


Company Information:

BACURA LLC. Bisačka 17, 10000 Zagreb, OIB 06455044835, MBS 080540757, Registered at the Commercial Court in Zagreb, Share capital 20.000,00 Croatian kuna paid in full, Founders/Company members: Ivana Bačura - the only founder of the LLC.

Vat No: HR06455044835   IBAN: HR2623400091110988679   SWIFT: PBZGHR2X



These Terms and Conditions of use (“Terms”) refer to the use of the Online shop, that is, to the use of the web domain ivanabacura.com.

Services of the Online shop are available at the website http://www.ivanabacura.com/ (“Online shop”).

Websites, as well as other services of the Online shop (shopping via the Online shop, with delivery) can be used for Your private browsing, free of the usage fee, and in accordance with

the Terms. By using the Online shop, You consent to be bound by the Terms stated below. If You do not agree with all of the Terms, please do not use the websites of our Online shop.

Terms are subject to change at any given time, and for that reason, sites with the Terms should be visited upon every visit of the websites of the Online shop. If You are visiting the website of the Online shop after a change of Terms, it will be considered that You are consenting to the new Terms.

Company Bacura LLC will not be responsible for any possible consequences that could come as a result of the change in the website’s content.



IB Jewellery is handmade jewellery so we are politely asking that, having in mind the unique nature of every single piece, you consider, before ordering, that pieces may differ minimally

from the pieces shown in the photographs. If You have any questions about specific models, we urge You to contact us before ordering.

Every piece shown in the photographs can be made in all available colors (displayed in other models), per Your request.

Furthermore, if You have any specific wishes regarding shades of colors, buckling system, length, width or any other particularities as well as different segments of a specific model of

jewellery, please write to us at [email protected]

Company Bacura LLC can not guarantee that the colors on a jewellery piece will be identical to those colors seen via a computer screen or a smartphone screen.

Depending on the possibilities of adjustment on Your devices (brightness, saturation, etc.), perception of  displayed colours may vary.




All payments are processed through a payment gateway provided by PayPal.

Paying via PayPal is thought to be the safest way of paying online.

Paying via PayPal is possible with all credit and debit cards.

Product prices are shown in euros (€) and do include value added tax, in accordance with laws

and regulations in the Republic of Croatia.

All payments will be carried out in Croatian kunas.

The credit card linked to your PayPal account will be charged by converting the item price in euros into Croatian kuna, according to the current exchange rate of the Croatian National Bank

on the day of the purchase. When charging Your credit card, the same amount is converted into the local currency, in accordance with the exchange rate of the credit card association.

As a result of this conversion, there is a chance of a slight difference between what is charged to Your credit card, and what is listed to be the price on our website.

Payment to a bank account

For customers from Croatia, it is possible to make a payment in Croatian kunas to a

designated bank account.

Payment is made in accordance to the offer that will be provided to You, after You order an article via e-mail, Facebook or Instagram.

Payment can be made at a bank, at the post office, or via online banking. A parcel is sent after Your payment is visible on the designated bank account, which is often one

working day after the payment had been made. If a customer wishes to receive an R1 receipt, they should enclose their company’s information while ordering.

For inquiries regarding wholesale, please do not hesitate to contact us at

[email protected]


2.2. Time of delivery

Orders are usually shipped within the 5 working days after Your payment was received.

Customized pieces are shipped within 10-15 working days after Your payment was received.

Information for parcel tracking will be sent to You as soon as Your parcel is on it’s way.

Keep in mind that we will do our best to speed up the processing of every order.

Europe - 3-7 working days

USA - 10-14 working days

The rest of the World - 3-4 weeks

During vacation and busy periods of the year, it may take longer than estimated for Your parcel to arrive. We will do everything we can to make sure Your parcel is delivered as soon as

possible. If an article has a longer estimated delivery time, You will be notified soon after You place Your order.

Bacura LLC is not responsible for delayed deliveries caused by postal services.


Available if the parcel needs to be delivered in a shorter time period.

Europe - 1-2 days

The rest of the World - 2-3 days

Do not hesitate to contact us before you place your order.


2.3. Delivery costs

Costs of delivery are calculated at the end of order placement; while making a payment for the chosen article(s).


Priority delivery packages with a postal registration can be tracked via the Postal service of the country where the package is sent from, as well as from the destination country’s national postal services.

FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING available for orders of 50 € or more.

All your  need to do is enter the discount code: WORLD at checkout.

Europe (for orders less than 50 € ): 7 €

The rest of the World (for orders less than 50 € ): 14 €

Customs and import duty tax are not included in the price of Your purchase or the delivery price.

Orders inside of the EU are free of customs charges and import taxes.


2.4. Duration and termination of the contract

The contract which the Customer makes with Bacura LLC involving product sale and other services is a one time contract of purchase and sales of products and services, which is consumed

once the purchased order has been sent to the Customer, or other services were provided by Bacura LLC. These conditions are a part of the aforementioned Terms and Conditions between

Bacura LLC and the Customer. If, for any reason, You wish to return or replace your purchased piece, we urge You to contact us, as we would gladly assist.

In accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, You are authorized to terminate the contract on Your side, within 14 days of the delivery date.

You can terminate the contract by filling the form or by writing any other unambiguous statement in which You state Your wish for the termination of the contract.


2.5. Return policy

In case of a return of purchase, the Customer is obligated to file a reclamation to Bacura LLC via e-mail, phone or by mail, in accordance with aforementioned legal conditions and deadlines.

In case of a termination of contract, each side is obligated to return what was received by the other, based on the made contract, in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act. Refund will

be made after we receive the returned purchase. Return of purchase must be executed without delay, and within 14 days of the termination of contract.

Return or replacement will be done at mutual pleasure.

In case of a return, the Customer is obliged to pay all of the costs, if the Customer uses their right to terminate the contract. The Customer is, in accordance to the Customer Protection Act,

responsible for all impairments that are a result of handling the purchased items, except the ones that were necessary for determining the nature, characteristics and the functionality of the purchased item.

By accepting these Terms, You are accepting the regulations of the Return policy.


2.6. Customer complaints

In accordance with the Customer Protection Act, Bacura LLC enables all its Customers to file any complaints via mail (address: Bacura d.o.o., Bisačka 17, 10000 Zagreb) or e-mail (e-mail

address: [email protected] ), after which Bacura LLC will notify the Customer of the received complaint. Bacura LLC will reply to all complaints within 15 days of receiving them.

For Bacura LLC to be able to notify the Customer of the received complaint, as well as reply to all complaints, in accordance with the Customer Protection Act, the Customer must provide all necessary contact information.



To be able to fill out Your order, You must provide us with certain personal information (for which you have authorized Big Cartel - Online shop template, and Paypal - paying method).

Personal Customer data (“Data”), obtained through the Online shop are protected and kept indefinitely, in accordance with the Data Protection Law. Data will be used explicitly for the

purpose of concluding and fulfilling the Contract provisions and services that are the subject of these Terms. All Data is protected and is available only to authorized employees and those who

find the Data necessary to do their job. The Customer is authorized to add, change or remove any Data that was previously provided.

This Privacy policy does not apply to the third-party services that we do not control, that are used on the website, including Big Cartel, Paypal or any other third-party services that you might

access via our website. To get informed on the Privacy policy of Big Cartel or PayPal, You should read their own respective Privacy policies.

Our website may contain links to other websites or integrated websites.

We are not responsible for the content of other companies’ websites nor for the acts of those companies regarding Data collection. When You visit other websites, You should read their Privacy policy and any other relevant policies.



Nowadays Cookies are used in almost all websites and in many cases, are necessary for providing a certain Online service.

A Cookie is a tiny text file that is stored on the customer IT equipment (e.g. computer, tablet, smartphone). Cookies enable the website equipment recognition. Cookies can be used, for example, in order to collect data for statistical data processing about the User’s website usage

and for optimizing website content. Cookies are passive files and cannot collect data from a computer or spread viruses or other harmful programs. Some cookies are set by third-party websites, and the website whose domain is written in the address bar (URL). Content of those

cookies may be of general nature, but can also be, for example, analytical tools or built-in slots for comments. That means that Cookies are collected by the third-party websites.

Some Cookies are temporary, meaning they are created upon browsing a website, and they expire when the website window is closed. Others are stored on IT customer equipment for a longer time period (permanent Cookies). When the Users visit the website again, new Cookies of

the session will be put in temporary memory storage, while the permanent Cookies will be renewed.

We use third-party Cookies that collect statistical data in a collective form via analytical tools such as Google Analytics. These Cookies can be connected to social media websites such as Facebook or Instagram, offering advertising agencies the information about your visits to our website, so they could show you the advertisements of products and services that might interest You.

If any personal data is collected on our website, they will be collected in accordance with our Privacy policy and the aforementioned Cookie policy. Personal data collected by third-party Cookies are subject to the respective privacy policies of those websites.



Content of the Online shop is protected, and Bacura LLC exercises a unique right for its use. For  all and any commercial use of the website’s content, You must first contact Bacura LLC via e-mail  e-mail address: [email protected]






Informacije o trgovačkom društvu:

BACURA d.o.o. Bisačka 17, 10000 Hrvatska, OIB 06455044835, MBS 080540757, Registriran pri Trgovačkom sudu u Zagrebu, Temeljni kapital 20.000,00 kuna uplaćen u cijelosti, Osnivači/članovi društva: Ivana Bačura - jedini osnivač d.o.o.

Vat No: HR06455044835   IBAN: HR2623400091110988679    SWIFT: PBZGHR2X



Ovi opći Uvjeti i pravila odnose se na korištenje Internet prodavaonice, odnosno web domene ivanabacura.com.

Usluge Internet prodavaonice dostupne su na internetskim stranicama https://www.ivanabacura.com/, dalje u tekstu Internet prodavaonica.

Web stranice kao i ostale usluge Internet prodavaonice (kupnja putem Internet prodavaonice uz dostavu) mogu se koristiti za Vašu privatnu upotrebu bez ikakvih naknada za korištenje, a prema niže navedenim Uvjetima i pravilima. Korištenjem Internet prodavaonice obvezujete se poštivati niže navedene Uvjete i pravila.

Ako se ne slažete s Uvjetima i pravilima korištenja Internet prodavaonice, molimo Vas nemojte koristiti web stranice Internet prodavaonice.

Uvjeti i pravila korištenja Internet prodavaonice podložni su promjenama u bilo kojem trenutku, zbog toga bi stranice s Uvjetima i pravilima korištenja Internet prodavaonice trebali posjetiti kod svake posjete web stranicama Internet prodavaonice. Ako web stranice internet prodavaonice nastavite koristiti nakon što su izmijenjeni Uvjeti i pravila korištenja, smatra se da ste suglasni s novim Uvjetima i pravilima korištenja Internet prodavaonice.

Tvrtka Bacura .d.o.o. neće biti odgovorana ni za kakve moguće posljedice proizašle iz promjena web sadržaja.



IB jewellery je ručno izrađen nakit pa vas molimo da s obzirom na unikatnu prirodu svakog pojedinog komada,prije naručivanja uzmete u obzir  da se pojedini komadi mogu  minimalno razlikovati  od prikazanih komada nakita na fotografijama.

Ako imate bilo kakvih pitanja  u vezi pojedinih modela ,molim vas ne ustručavajte se pisati nam prije naručivanja.

Svaki prikazani model  nakita može biti po želji napravljen u svim bojama dostupnim na bilo kojem drugom modelu.

Također ako imate posebnih želja u vezi određenih nijansa boja,sistema  kopčanja,dužine,širine ili bilo koje druge jedinstvenosti ili  segmenta pojedinog modela nakita,molim vas pišite nam na [email protected]

Tvrtka Bacura  d.o.o. nemože garantirati da su  boje na modelima nakita  identične bojama vidljivim preko zaslona računala ili pametnih telefona. Ovisno o mogućnostima individualnih prilagodaba računalnih zaslona mogu  postojati razlike  u načinima  kojima  ljudsko oko  percipira  boje.


2.1. Plaćanje


Sva plaćanja procesuiraju se kroz sigurni izlaz za plaćanje obezbjeđen PayPal-om.

Plaćanje PayPalom smatra se najsigurnijim načinom plaćanja preko interneta.

Plaćati preko PayPal moguće je svim kreditnim i debitnim karticama.

Cijene proizvoda  prikazane su u eurima (€) i uključuju porez na dodanu vrijednost sukladno zakonima koji se primjenjuju na području Republike Hrvatske.

Sva plaćanja bit će izvršena u kunama. Iznos Vaše kreditne kartice koja je vezana na PayPal račun će biti terećen kroz konverziju cijene u eurima u hrvatske kune prema trenutnom tečaju Hrvatske narodne banke na dan kupnje  Kod terećenja vaše kreditne kartice, isti iznos se pretvara u lokalnu valutu prema tečaju udruženja kreditnih kartica. Kao rezultat ove konverzije postoji mogućnost male razlike od originalne cijene navedene na našim web stranicama.

Uplata na bankovni račun

Za kupce iz hrvatske moguće je izvršiti uplatu u kunama na bankovni račun.

Uplata se obavlja  prema ponudi koju ćemo vam poslati nakon što artikal naručite porukom putem e-maila,facebooka  ili instagrama.

Uplatu je moguće izvršiti u banci, pošti ili preko internet bankarstva. Pošiljke šaljemo nakon što je uplata vidljiva na našem računu, što je obično jedan radni dan nakon uplate.

Ukoliko Kupac želi R1 račun, potrebno je prilikom narudžbe napisati podatke tvrtke.

Za veleprodajne upite molimo ne ustručavajte se pisati nam na [email protected]


2.2.Vrijeme  isporuke

Narudžbe se obično otpremaju u roku od 5 radnih dana nakon uplate

Komadi napravljeni po narudžbi otpremaju se u roku od 10-15 dana.

 Podaci o praćenju bit će vam poslani čim pošiljka bude  poslana.

Imajte na umu da ćemo dati sve od sebe da ubrzamo vrijeme obrade svake narudžbe.

Europa -  3-7 dana

SAD -  10-14 dana

Ostatak svijeta –  3-4 tjedna

Za vrijeme godišnjih odmora i užurbanih  perioda u godini, može potrajati nešto duže prije nego što vaš paket bude dostavljen. Učinit ćemo sve što je moguće kako bismo vašu narudžbu dostavili što je brže moguće.

Ako proizvod ima dulje vrijeme isporuke, bit ćete obaviješteni ubrzo nakon što izvršite narudžbu.

Bacura d.o.o. nije odgovorna  za kašnjenja koja su prouzročena od poštanskih službi.


 Dostupna  je ako paket treba biti dostavljen u kračem vremenskom roku.

Europa-1-2 dana

Ostatak svijeta 2-3 dana

Nemojte se ustručavati kontaktirati nas prije nego što izvršite narudžbu.



Troškovi dostave obračunavaju se na kraju kupovine,prilikom naplate odabranih proizvoda.


Prioritetna pošiljka sa registaracijom putem Pošte,prati se u zemlji otkud se šalje I odredišnim zemljama putem  državnih poštanske službi.

BESPLATNA DOSTAVA u cijelom svijetu za narudžbe od 50 eura i više.

Samo trebate unijeti kod: WORLD na kraju kupovine prilikom plaćanja.

Europa (ispod 50 € ): 7 €

Ostali svijet (ispod 50 € ): 14 €

Uvozne carine, porezi i troškovi nisu uključeni u cijenu predmeta ili troškove dostave. Narudžbe poslane u zemlje EU oslobođene su od uvoznih dadžbina ili poreza


2.4.Trajanje i raskid ugovora

Ugovor koji kupac sklapa sa tvrtkom Bacura d.o.o. za prodaju proizvoda i usluga je jednokratan ugovor o kupoprodaji proizvoda ili usluga koji je konzumiran isporukom robe ili usluga od strane Bacura d.o.o. te izvršenim plaćanjem od strane kupca, u slučaju da ne bude raskinut. Ovi uvjeti sastavni su dio uvjeta i pravila poslovanja između Bacura d.o.o. i kupca. Ako iz bilo kojeg razloga želite vratiti ili zamijeniti svoj predmet, obratite nam se, rado ćemo vam pomoći.

Sukladno Zakonu o zaštiti potrošača ovlašteni ste jednostrano raskinuti ugovor u roku od 14 dana od datuma isporuke proizvoda.

Ugovor možete raskinuti koristeći spomenuti obrazac ili putem bilo koje druge nedvosmislene izjave u kojoj izražavate svoju volju da raskinete ugovor na trajnom mediju.



U slučaju povrata robe kupac je dužan uputiti reklamaciju tvrtci Bacura d.o.o. e-mailom, telefonski ili pismeno sukladno zakonskim uvjetima i rokovima.

U slučaju raskida ugovora svaka je strana dužna vratiti drugoj ono što je primila na temelju ugovora, u skladu s odredbama Zakona o zaštiti potrošača. Povrat plaćenog izvršit ćemo vam nakon što nam roba bude vraćena. Povrat robe nam morate izvršiti bez odgađanja, a najkasnije u roku 14 dana od dana kada ste nam izjavili jednostrani raskid ugovora.

Ako iz bilo kojeg razloga želite vratiti ili zamijeniti svoj predmet, obratite nam se, rado ćemo vam pomoći.

Imate pravo 14 dana od primitka za povrat.

Povrat,ili zamjenu ćemo riješiti na obostrano zadovoljstvo.

Izravne troškove povrata robe kupac je obavezan snositi sam ako koristi svoje pravo na jednostrani raskid ugovora. Kupac je sukladno Zakonu o zaštiti potrošača odgovoran za svako umanjenje vrijednosti robe koje je rezultat rukovanja robom, osim onog koje je bilo potrebno za utvrđivanje prirode, obilježja i funkcionalnosti robe.

Prihvaćanjem ovih uvjeta, prihvatili ste i odredbe spomenutog pravilnika.


2.6. Prigovori kupaca

Sukladno Zakonu o zaštiti potrošača, tvrtka Bacura d.o.o. omogućuje svim Kupcima da svoje prigovore upute putem pošte na adresu Bacura d.o.o,Bisačka 17,10000 Zagreb, odnosno putem elektroničke pošte na adresu ; [email protected] ,nakon čega će tvrtka Bacura d.o.o. obavijestiti Kupca o zaprimljenom prigovoru. Na sve primjedbe i prigovore tvrtka Bacura d.o.o. će odgovoriti najkasnije u roku od 15 dana od dana zaprimljenog prigovora. Kako bi tvrtka Bacura d.o.o. sukladno Zakonu o zaštiti potrošača potvrdio primitak pisanog prigovora, a zatim i na isti odgovorio, Kupac treba navesti točne podatke za primitak istoga.



Da biste ispunili svoju narudžbu, morate nam dati određene podatke (koje ste ovlastili Big Cartel-predložak web trgovine  i Paypal-izlaz za plaćanje  da nam ih daju).

Osobni podaci kupaca pribavljeni putem Internetske trgovine zaštićeni su i čuvaju se trajno u skladu sa Zakonom o zaštiti osobnih podataka. Osobni podaci Kupaca biti će upotrjebljeni isključivo u svrhu zaključenja i ispunjenja ugovora i usluga koji su predmet ovih općih uvjeta

Svi se podaci o korisnicima i Kupcima strogo čuvaju i dostupni su samo za to ovlaštenim djelatnicima i onima kojima su ti podaci nužni za obavljanje posla. Kupac je ovlašten u svako doba zatražiti dopunu, izmjenu ili brisanje osobnih podataka

Ova se pravila o privatnosti ne primjenjuju na postupke trećih strana kojih nismo u vlasništvu ili kontroliramo, uključujući Big Cartel, Paypal ili bilo koje usluge trećih strana kojima pristupate putem naše web stranice. Možete pročitati Politiku privatnosti Big Cartela ili  PayPala da biste saznali više o njhovim postupcima prema   privatnosti i zaštiti podataka.

Naša web stranica može sadržavati poveznice na druge web stranice ili integrirane web stranice. Nismo odgovorni za sadržaj web stranica drugih tvrtki niti za postupke takvih tvrtki u vezi s prikupljanjem osobnih podataka. Kada posjetite druge web stranice, trebali biste pročitati pravila vlasnika o zaštiti osobnih podataka i druga relevantna pravila.



Danas se kolačići koriste na skoro svim web mjestima i u mnogim su slučajevima potrebni za pružanje određene usluge na web mjestu

Kolačić je mala tekstualna datoteka koja se pohranjuje na korisničku IT opremu (poput računala, tableta, pametnog telefona itd.) Omogućavajući web mjestu prepoznavanje opreme. Kolačići se mogu upotrebljavati, na primjer, u svrhu pripreme statistika o upotrebi web stranica korisnika i za optimizaciju sadržaja web stranica. Kolačić je pasivna datoteka i ne može prikupljati podatke s računala korisnika ili širiti računalni virus ili druge štetne programe. Neke kolačiće postavljaju web stranice (treće strane), a ne one navedene u adresnoj liniji preglednika (URL). Sadržaj takvih kolačića može biti općenite prirode, ali mogu biti i, na primjer, analitički alati ili ugrađena polja za komentare. To znači da se kolačići pohranjuju od stranaka koje nisu one koje posjeduju web mjesto.

Neki se kolačići privremeno kreiraju i ističu na kraju korisničke sesije kada je preglednik zatvoren (sesijski kolačići). Ostali kolačići pohranjuju se na korisničkoj IT opremi duže vremensko razdoblje (trajni kolačići). Kada korisnik ponovo posjeti web mjesto, novi će se kolačići sesije staviti u privremenu memoriju, dok će trajni kolačići biti obnovljeni.

Koristimo kolačiće treće strane za prikupljanje statističkih podataka u zbirnom obliku u alatima za analizu kao što je Google Analytics. Ovi se kolačići mogu povezati i s društvenim mrežama poput Facebooka ili Instagrama, pružajući reklamnim agencijama informacije o vašoj posjeti kako bi vam mogli predstaviti oglase za proizvode i usluge koji bi vas mogli zanimati.

U mjeri u kojoj se bilo koji osobni podatak prikuplja putem kolačića prve strane, naša Pravila o privatnosti primjenjuju i nadopunjuju ovu Politiku kolačića. Osobni podaci prikupljeni putem Cookie-a treće strane podliježu Pravilima o privatnosti te treće strane, a ne našim Pravilima o privatnosti.



Sadržaj Internet prodavaonice je zaštićen i tvrtka Bacura d.o.o. ostvaruje jedinstveno pravo na njegovo korištenje. Za svako komercijalno korištenje sadržaja na stranicama Internet prodavaonice morate prethodno kontaktirati tvrtku Bacura d.o.o. putem e-mail adrese [email protected]