IB Story

Passion for design and the idea that people love everyday jewellery that they can wear irrespective of the day of the week and occassion lie in the heart of a brave inception of IB Jewellery in the year 2000.

Ivana Bačura, a designer, a master goldsmith, and the founder of the brand has always been in love with clean and geometric design. After graduating from the School of Applied Arts and Design in Zagreb (metal and jewellery design), she continued her education around the world. She experienced the world, became incessantly inspired and produced her first shiny pieces of jewellery. Even those very first pieces set the new progressive standards of designing unique and modern jewellery made exclusively of nobel metals. 

IB jewellery fits all syles and personalites. It does not follow trends, but creates its own – uncompromising and everlasting. It is modern but nevertheless timeless, a perfect combination of clean and classic with addition of rich colors and masterfully handcrafted with love. Each piece is finished with care and precision because those who wear it deserve nothing less than the extraordinary. 

  All our jewellery is carefully designed and handcrafted in Zagreb, Croatia. This is also the cradle of our brand, the brand that aims to celebrate beauty in diversity of human personality.

If life was to bring You to Zagreb, Croatia, don’t pass up on an opportunity to visit our store in Radićeva ulica 20 for a more personal experience. Whether you’re ordering a custom piece, or just indulging in our ready to wear designs, You will feel right at home with the in-person store experience.

Do enjoy wearing it!