Special Orders

Thank You for Your interest in IB jewelry.

In this section You can take a look at some of the pieces from the archives that are no longer available, but can be made at Your request. 

Please don’t hesitate to email us. If You have any questions, Ivana will be happy to assist regarding any of Your concerns. 

Each of these pieces can be used as Your guiding light when ordering custom designed pieces, wedding bands, and more. All of the jewelry can be made in silver and gold, and per Your request, treated in numerous jewelry crafting techniques such as rhodium, gold or silver plating, sandblasting, oxidizing, and much more.

There are no limits when it comes to fulfilling your wishes.

There are numerous possibilities provided to You upon order - jewelry can be adjusted to size, width, desired colors, etc.

In accordance with Your wishes, Ivana can make a similar, and yet new, unique piece of jewelry for You or Your loved ones to enjoy.

If life was to bring You to Zagreb, Croatia, don’t pass up on an opportunity to visit our store in Radićeva ulica 20 for a more personal experience. Whether you’re ordering a custom piece, or just indulging in our ready to wear designs, You will feel right at home with the in-person store experience.